Thurs. March 25: Shadyside and Squirrel Hill Updated Projects Meeting 2

Connecting the central East End

The Shadyside and Squirrel Hill Networks involve a series of streets that could see a number of improvements that will create less stressful biking and walking connectivity within and through each neighborhood. Each neighborhood has essential destinations, key employers, schools, places of worship, and recreational areas yet there remain significant barriers to safe walking and biking in each. Improvements along these networks, identified in the City’s Bike(+) Plan, will help address these issues and fill critical gaps in the City’s existing bike facilities with each community’s needs and input in mind.

The Updated projects for this network/cluster will include:

  • Aiken Ave Bike Facilities – Ellsworth to Baum
  • Beacon St Bike Lanes – Wightman St to Shady Ave
  • Beacon St Protected Bike Lanes Upgrade – Wightman St to Schenley Park
  • Shadyside Connector – Neville to Negley
  • Melwood Connector – Bayard to Gold
  • Schenley Meadow Trail – Beacon to Bartlett
  • Wightman Street Bike Lane Upgrade – Forbes to Beacon

Please join us for the following virtual public meetings via Zoom to learn more about each project within the network. Each meeting will provide an opportunity to to share your feedback and ask questions.

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There will be closed captioning and a sign language interpreter for this meeting.