July 29: Bloomfield / Friendship Neighorway Second Virtual Public Meeting

Join us on Wednesday July 29 for the latest project updates

The Department of Mobility and infrastructure (DOMI) is working on infrastructure improvements across Pittsburgh. Our goal is to inform communities about projects that will impact their neighborhoods, and obtain feedback from residents regarding each project.


In this informative public meeting, we will talk about DOMI’s updated proposal for a Neighborway in Bloomfield / Friendship. A Neighborway is a low-volume street that prevents vehicles from speeding and makes it safer to walk, ride a bike, and for kids to play. This type of street doesn’t have dedicated bike lanes and has a very low impact on parking.

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Wednesday, July 29, 6pm
  • Kim Lucas / Assistant Director at DOMI
  • Ricardo Solis / Community Initiatives Manager at Healthy Ride
  • Paige Anderson / Staff Engineer at DOMI
  • Christopher Young / Transportation Fellow at DOMI
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