Central Lawrenceville Neighborway Extension – Hatfield

A small connection with big benefits

The Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI) and the Department of Public Works (DPW) are working on a one block project to extend the Central Lawrenceville Neighborway on Hatfield St. The Neighborway Extension project, next to Spirit Lodge, is a City-owned stretch that will close a crucial gap in the bike/ped network and allow people on foot and on bike to go between 50th St and 51st St, without needing to use Butler St. This will provide a better connection to/from Stanton Ave, as well as to Upper Lawrenceville’s back streets. The path will only be open to people on bike, on foot or on a wheelchair.

Through the use of traffic calming measures on a shared street, Neighborways are a new tool that can improve connections to existing bike routes, create safer environments for bicyclists and pedestrians, reduce vehicle collisions and speeding, and have minimal impact to parking.

Currently, the stretch of Lawrenceville between 40th St and 50th St along Willow and Hatfield is considered a Neighborway, to provide a lower stress alternative route to Butler St.

Check out the City’s Bike(+) Plan to see where future improvements may take place.