North Euclid Neighborhood Traffic Circle Pilot

This pilot is a field test of Pittsburgh’s first Neighborhood Traffic Circles. Modeled on similar small traffic circles used in other cities throughout the US they are another great option for slowing vehicle speeds and diverting cut through traffic on neighborhood streets.

This pilot includes four (4) temporary installations at the following intersections along North Euclid Avenue:

  • Callowhill Street
  • Hampton Street
  • Hays Street
  • Rippey Street

These locations were chosen because they each represent different intersection scenarios that we would like to test, such as Port Authority buses at Callowhill and a higher volume of traffic at Rippey.

The pilot Neighborhood Traffic Circles are designed to be temporary and will be constructed using reflective paint, flex posts, and temporary sign poles. The final permanent design will consist of a sloped mountable concrete curb, space for planting in the center, and a standard sign post.

The pilot’s active data collection is scheduled to run for one (1) month and conclude in early August. Pending results of evaluation, the final circle designs may be modified and otherwise installed in Fall 2020.

Pilot Feedback

Please click on the button below to fill out a feedback survey. Additionally you can email any feedback or questions to

North Euclid Neighborway Project

Map showing the project extents from Bunker Street to Station Street as well as the location of traffic circles and other nearby bike routes, for more information please see the full project page linked at the end of this page.

The stared intersections in the above map are where the pilot installations are located. The full Neighborway Project, including seven (7) concrete traffic circles will have its design adjusted based on the results of the pilot and is expected to be constructed this Fall 2020.

For more information on the full North Euclid Neighborway Project please see that project’s page here: